10 Best Photo Editing Apps

Catching your customers’ attention on social media can be very difficult. You need to have photos that stand out. Not only do you need to have crystal clear images that say something about your product or brand, but you also need to have that wow factor. You need contrast and filters and all kinds of things to make an image pop.

That’s exactly what photo editing apps are for. They are designed to take your photos from dull and boring and make them absolutely mind blowing. From amateur looking to professional grade.

Here are the top 10 photo editing apps you can use to make your photos stand out from the rest. Making your marketing easier and more efficient. Even on Instagram.

1. Snapseed

This advanced photo editing app by Google LLC turns your phone into a photo studio. The intuitive interface and wide range of features is even better than some desktop photo editing software.

The best part is that you can create your own filters on this app. Not to mention the array of preset filters already available, which are all adjustable too. In other words you can create a professional look that’s completely your own by editing things like contrast, saturation and more, like changing the depth of field to make the background blurry and the thing you’re photographing stand out even more.

There’s also a feature where you can just select a part of your photo to adjust things like contrast, brightness and saturation. And you can even go back and edit any changes because the app saves your edit history for easy corrections. And even with all these amazing features this app is completely free.

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2. Adobe Express Photo Editor

Adobe Express Photo Editor by Adobe is the mobile version of Photoshop. It offers all of the advanced photo editing features but makes it easy to use on a small touch screen. You can upload your photo from your device, take a new one with the camera, or even grab a photo off your Adobe Creative Cloud account if you have one.

Some of the tools you can expect to use in this app include brightness, saturation, red-eye reduction, contrast, borders and filters. The smart filters are the best because they automatically fix some of the common issues like exposure and color temperature.

The only drawback is that to use this free app you’ll have to create a free Adobe ID account. But that allows you to save the photos you’ve edited to your device or you can export them to social media apps like Facebook and Instagram directly.

Cost: Free offers in-app purchases

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3. Lightroom Photo and Video Editor

Lightroom Photo and Video Editor is another majorly successful app by Adobe Inc. This photo editing app is one of the best to do all the professional photo editing you need to do straight from your phone. No need for a professional camera anymore. It even edits RAW files - for those of you that are really into photography.

Unfortunately the best tools in this app are only available once you subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud. That includes things like selective editing. On the flip side you still get a bunch of easy to use sliders that adjust things like grain, distortion, detail, light and color of your photos.

If you do decide to subscribe you also get access to Adobe Sensei that automatically tags your images. This makes it a lot easier to share your photos because it hows you the best image automatically.

Cost: Free offers in-app purchases

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4. Adobe Photoshop Fix

Adobe Photoshop Fix by Adobe Inc. is yet another great photo editing app. This app doesn’t have filters though. It’s focused on taking away the things you don’t want in your photos.

It has all the obvious photo editing tools like giving you the option to change things like shadows, highlights, color, etc. But the best part about this portrait editing app is the Liquify option. This allows you to alter each aspect of your subject’s face. Yip that’s right. You get to make the perfect picture by editing things like facial feature’s sizes.

If you use Creative Cloud you can even share your photos directly to your desktop Photoshop so you can edit even more. Unfortunately this app is only available on Android.

Cost: Free

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5. Photoleap Editor by Lightricks

This photo editing app takes photo art to the next level. The best feature on this app is that you can cut and merge photos to create amazing results. You can even add things like graphic elements to your photos, making the possibilities endless.

With all the amazing features like layers it’s a rival to Photoshop. But it’s somewhat easier to use. But to get the most out of everything this app has to offer you’re still going to have to watch a few tutorial videos.

The free version is great, but it only allows you to use two layers. So to get the most out of this app you’re going to have to subscribe to the unlimited version. That being said, you can let your creative side run free with the unlimited version. Unfortunately this is only available on iOS.

Cost: Free offers in app purchases

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6. Afterlight - Photo Editor

Afterlight - Photo Editor by Afterlight Collective, Inc is an all round photo editing app that is packed with amazing features. Some of these amazing features include the basics like changing color/hue, contrast, saturation and exposure. But the text adding feature is very elaborate with loads of options.

The advanced tools you can use to edit your photos include grain, selective hue, unique curves to name but a few. In fact, there are 20 of these tools to choose from giving you the ability to adjust just about anything on your photos.

The filters and texture effects are great too. You can add anything from real film light flares to a dusty film overlay. There’s even a prism effect that works really well. It also works with RAW files and gives you the ability to edit photos so they capture people’s attention on social media feeds.

Cost: Free offers in-app purchases

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7. Bazaart Photo and Video Editor

Bazaart by Bazaart Ltd. is more than just a photo editing app. It’s got some great effects you can use to take your photos to the next level. From adding text to moving elements of your photo around to create surreal effects, Bazaart does it all.

Bazaart makes photo editing easy by supplying things like instant background removal and a variety of templates to choose from. This makes like a lot easier for people who are just starting out with the photo editing process.

Bazaart even has its own Instagram account to inspire and guide you. Unfortunately this app is only available on iOS.

Cost: Free offers in-app purchases

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8. LD Photo Editor

LD Photo Editor by Lens Distortions, LLC creates a cinematic feel. It uses a range of different features like overlays that allow you to capture the true essence of your photo and bring it to life.

The features that sets LD Photo Editor apart is that even the free version offers you a range of filters and features that allows you to add things like rain or snow to your images. There are even glass textures to add extra oomph to your photos.

The app also uses layers, color and image effects, erase and mask tool, and TIFF photo export for even better results. But these are all extras that you unlock when you subscribe to LD+, the premium version of this app.

Cost: Free offers in-app purchases

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9. Facetune 2 Editor by Lightricks

If you love taking selfies this app is for you. Facetune is designed to help you look your best in any selfie that you take. Some of the features included are teeth whitening, skin smoothing, blemish removal, and even moving around facial features for the perfect look every time.

This easy to use app even features a range of fun backgrounds to make your selfies stand out. But it’s better to use this app in moderation because it’s easy to end up looking like an alien if the features are used to the extreme.

Unfortunately this app isn’t all for free so you’re going to have to fork out a little cash if you want to look your best without all the ads.

Cost: Free offers in-app purchases

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SKRWT by Mathaeus Jagielski is the perfect app if your perspective is off even a touch. This app is designed to line up things perfectly for the best possible results.

The perspective and cropping on this app is automatic, making it easy to use for beginners. But if you’re into the nitty gritty of perspective you can use the four point corrector tool to do it yourself too.

Lens distortion is a big problem with smartphone cameras and that’s what sets this app apart. You get to fix that big nose you always get on your selfies to look more natural with this app.

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