10 Best Apps to Learn Coding

Whether you’re just starting your journey to becoming a coding master or whether you already have some coding experience under your belt you need this list of the 10 best apps to learn coding.

Why? Because these apps are going to help you to take your coding to the next level. They’re going to help you master coding. They’re going to test your skill and witts. And best of all, they’re going to make coding easy and fun.

Here’s our list of the 10 best app to learn coding:

1. Grasshopper

This app by the Grasshopper Group LLC is one of the easiest ways to learn coding. So if you’re a newbie make sure to add this to the list of your apps to try out. The user interface is easy and simple to learn.

The best part about this app is that it’s completely stress free. It makes learning easy with its learning model so you’ll retain a lot of your coding learning easily and efficiently. There’s nothing to bother or distract you while you learn.

This app is great if you’re new to programming and will take you from newbie to master in no time. The lessons are short and simple. That means you’ll never feel overworked or bored while learning to code. The only downside is that it’s only available on Android.

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2. Khan Academy

This app has a wide range of courses available on it, and it now includes coding courses. If you want to learn computer programming this is one of the most intensive courses offered completely free of charge.

What makes this app by Khan Academy great is that it offers a variety of ways to get through study material. From written content to videos and even practice tests you’ll be sure to up your coding game using this app.

Best of all is that it uses a type of game interface to make learning fun. You need to take a test to level up and unlock more learning material. Unfortunately the tests can be quite long and grueling. But by the end of the course you’ll know everything you need to know about coding.

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3. Codecademy Go

This app by Codecademy takes the online learning you get from the website to the next level. It allows you to reinforce what you’ve already learned and takes your coding learning to the next level.

With this app you get to learn everything from web development, Java script, data science, computer science and more. Giving you a well rounded education in the computer world with an easy to use interface.

The app is also very motivational. You have to keep your streak running as long as possible. Making it easy to stay motivated to reach your learning targets. Best of all, it's completely free.

Cost: Free

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4. Programming Hero: Coding Fun

This app by Md Khan is a great way to learn coding in a relaxed and fun environment. Yes, that’s right, it’s more like a game than an app to learn coding. In fact, you get to create your own game as you learn to code.

With Programming Hero you get to learn a variety of coding languages including Java script, HTML, CSS, Python and Dom. Making this a very well-rounded app if you want a variety of coding languages in your repertoire.

What makes this app great is that it makes learning to code fun. And best of all, once you’ve completed the tasks after each bit of information you can even publish your code to show it off.

Cost: Free offers in-app purchases

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5. CodeHub - A Programming App

As the name suggests this app by Shinghster is another app that will help you learn how to code. The programming languages you can learn on this app include HTML, Java, Python and CSS. But unfortunately it’s only available on Android. Sorry iOS users.

This is a very competitive programming app and even offers users the chance to learn about web frameworks like Html, Bootstrap, Angular, Node, Express, Django and Java Spring boot.

This is a great app to brush up on your problem solving skills while you learn new coding techniques and tricks. While this app isn’t entirely beginner friendly and does throw you into the deep end a bit it does offer comprehensive information on anything you need to learn about coding.

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6. Enki: Learn Coding or Programming

This app by ENKI LABS INC. offers a great learning experience for a couple of reasons. First off it’s got a very appealing and easy to use interface that’s a great hit right from the get go. So there’s no steep learning curve to get to know the app.

It also offers a lot of free content that will make projects and planning a breeze. But if you want more in depth material you’ll have to pay a small and very reasonable fee. That being said, Enki is the best coding mentor you can ask for.

It has over 2500 lessons that will help you learn everything you need to know about coding and web management. It also has a coding playground where you can put your skills to the test. But best of all the learning experience is completely tailored to match your needs and level of coding experience.

Cost: Free offers in-app purchases

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7. Encode: Learn to Code

This app by Upskew Pty. Ltd. is a great coding app for beginners. It’s simple to use and teaches lessons in easy to understand chunks that make learning both easy and interesting. It even offers users some real world examples of how their coding can be used.

There are different lessons that help you learn Java, Python and Swift code and helps you learn the right syntax. The app even helps you to learn about using command-line, analyzing data and building websites.

If you’re a complete newbie this is definitely the app to use if you want a well-rounded education. It’s relatively fun and interactive to use too. It even has a personal coding tutor to make lessons more accessible for first time coders.

Cost: Free offers in-app purchases

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8. Programming Hub: Learn to Code

This programming app by Nigel Crasto is one of the most well-rounded apps available on any app store. It offers a comprehensive list of coding languages and easy to master lessons that will help you learn coding fast. Even if you’re a beginner.

The app itself offers lessons in coding for a variety of coding languages including Javascript, CSS, C++, C, C#, Swift, Python, R Programming, Java, Artificial Intelligence and more. And best of all is it’s all for free.

The lessons are story based and offer interactive tests at the end of each lesson so you can make sure that you’ve mastered the lesson before moving on to the next one. This really is one of the most comprehensive coding apps you’re going to find. It offers everything you need whether you’re advanced or a beginner.

Cost: Free offers in-app purchases

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9. Mimo: Learn Coding or Programming

If you want to learn coding in a game format and then get real world results once you’ve completed all the lessons this app by Mimohello GmbH is the app for you. It’s easy to use and offers compact lessons that test your skills and retention.

Unfortunately it only offers lessons in JavaScript, HTML and Python. So if you’re looking for other languages to advance your coding experience you’re going to have to settle for a different app. But that’s just about the only downside to this app.

Other than that it offers beginners and advanced coders the chance to learn new tricks and tools in the coding industry. So whether you want to learn coding as a hobby or actually use this app to advance your career Mimo has something for everyone, mostly free of charge.

Cost: Free offers in-app purchases

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10. SoloLearn: Learn to Code

If you need help staying motivated while you learn something new this app is for you. It offers you quizzes and social media sharing to keep you motivated while you go from beginner to expert level.

This app by Sololearn is one of the apps commonly used by online gambling companies and offers you a chance to get real world results as you learn. It’s fun, it’s easy and it’s free. Well, mostly free.

The app offers users a chance to learn JavaScript, C++, Java, Python and jQuery with a bunch of extra learning material including machine learning and data science. Not only is this a great app for beginners, but it’s also good if you want to brush up on your programming skills.

Cost: Free offers in app purchases

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