10 Best Apps for Android

Android apps are a must if you use an Android phone. That’s a given. But what are the best apps out there? What are the must haves and which ones will give you the best user experience?

You need the apps on this list if you want to make the most out of your Android phone. They will help you become more efficient and allow you to take full advantage of all the things Android has to offer.

So here are the top 10 best apps for Android this year.

1. Solid Explorer File Manager

This is a solid file browsing app that offers you ease of use and a host of different features that will make file browsing a breeze. Whether you use your phone for work or personal needs, this is the best file browsing app out there.

Some of the features included in the app are archiving support, it supports major cloud services, Material Design, and for the diehards it offers SMB/CIFS, WebDav, SFPT, and FTP support.

This app boasts a great user interface that’s intuitive and easy to use. It comes with a two week free trial and after that there is a minimal fee of $2.99. WHich isn’t much to pay for a file organizer of this caliber.

Cost: Free offers in-app purchases

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2. Poweramp

Poweramp is one of the best local music players around. It works seamlessly and allows you to listen to music on the go. You won’t want any other music app after you’ve browsed this app’s list of features.

Some of these features include an equalizer, hi-res audio support, gapless smoothing, Android Auto, and support for almost all the audio codecs out there. Not to mention the great themes available from the Google Play store.

The user interface is a bit difficult to learn at first but once you get the hang of it things become really easy. And if the equalizer isn’t quite up to your standards you can even get a better Poweramp one from the Play Store.

Cost: Free trial, subscription starts at $4.99

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3. Podcast Addict

This is the best podcast app for Android users. If you’re looking for a podcast app that has almost every podcast imaginable and is supported by most smartwatches this is the podcast app for you.

The user interface isn’t as intuitive or stylish as you’d expect, but the app more than makes up for it with its list of features. These include being able to set up your own lists, and set your own download rules.

The free version runs with ads but you can get rid of these with a once off premium subscription of $2.99. To unlock all the features you will have to pay a subscription fee of $0.99 per month or $9.99 per year. WHich is very reasonable given everything you get from this podcast app.

Cost: Free offers in-app purchases

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4. Nova Launcher

This is one of the most feature rich Android launchers out there if you’re looking for a new launcher for your Android phone. It comes with a host of features and the app is constantly being updated to meet user demand.

In the free version you get the option to back-up and restore your home screen set-ups, loads of customization elements for your home screen and even the option to icon theme all your Android apps.

When you unlock the paid version which costs $4.99 you get to add things like gesture controls, icon swipe actions and unread count badges for apps. But the free version of this app works great too.

Cost: Free offers in-app purchases

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5. Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard

If typing on your phone is your thing but you’re sick of correcting your autocorrect this is the app for you. It offers a keyboard option with an autocorrect function that actually works.

Best of all is this app is completely free. It also comes with a load of customization options including themes. It also features SwiftKey Flow which works on gestures, a dedicated number row, multiple language support and cross device synching amongst others.

When it comes to adjusting your keyboard to your needs and having predictive text that actually picks up on your texting habits you aren’t going to get better than SwiftKey, especially not for free.

Cost: Free

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6. LastPass Password Manager

If you’re looking for an app that will help you create and keep track of your passwords this is the app for you. It is operated with a master password and creates almost impossible passwords for you to use across multiple devices if you subscribe to the premium version.

The free version of this app is quite restricted but it does still offer a good way to stay on top of all your passwords. Especially if you’re one of those people who forget passwords often.

It’s a safe and secure solution to all your password needs. And the paid version isn’t too expensive either. It also offers LastPass Authenticator to help you stay even more safe and secure on the web.

Cost: Free or $12 per year

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7. Google Search/ Assistant/ Feed

This is one seriously amazing app. It is your personal phone assistant that helps you navigate your phone and the internet by simply asking a few questions. In fact it’s so powerful that you can ask it to solve simple math problems for you too.

The app works on most Android devices and can even be used to operate some smart appliances in and around your home. You think of something a virtual assistant app is supposed to be able to do and Google Assistant can do it for you.

This is a great app if you’re into the tech side of life and you want to make life easier for yourself. Of course you’ll have to buy the hardware that goes along with this app but the app itself is completely free.

Cost: Free

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8. Google Maps

If you don’t already use Google Maps there is a big hole in your Android phone. Google Maps is one of the easiest to use and feature rich location or map apps you’ll ever get on your phone. All you need to do is turn your location on and Google Maps will direct you to any location with voice prompts that are right on cue.

It offers users an easy to use interface and even pins things like restaurants and service stations for easy to find locations. Not to mention the fact that you can enter any address imaginable and Google Maps will even show you what the destination looks like with Street View.

If you’re looking for a free navigation app that shows you the time it will take to get to your destination by foot, train or car this is the app for you. It even tells you where major traffic blockages are and you can use it offline too. Making it one of the easiest and most efficient map apps out there.

Cost: Free offers in-app purchases

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9. Google Drive

This absolutely free cloud storage service from Google gives customers up to 15 Gigs of online storage space absolutely free of charge. It’s easy to use and makes life a whole lot easier for a variety of reasons.

Not only does Google Drive give users access to a host of other Android supported services such as Google Docs, Google Spreadsheet, etc. It also links across devices so you can access your files anywhere you’re using Google Chrome. All you need to do is sign in using your free Google Account.

The best part is that all the Google software is compatible with their Windows counterparts so you can download Google files and use them on Windows. And you can work together on the same document if you share it with others.

Cost: Free, offers more storage space for $1.99 - $299.99

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10. 1Weather Forecast and Radar

If you’re looking for a weather app that gives you all the weather information you need 1Weather is the app for you. It even gives you the option to customize your widget to match the style of your phone’s theme.

Some of the features included in this weather app includes up to 12 weeks of weather forecasts, a radar, current weather conditions, weather notifications and more. If it’s weather related you’ll get it in this app.

1Weather’s user interface is quite easy and intuitive. So it won’t take you long to get into the swing of things on this app. The free version offers everything the paid version offers, including some adverts. But for a once off fee of $1.99 you can get the package free of ads. It might take some time to load at times, but with all the features you get this is a small price to pay.

Cost: Free offers in-app purchases

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